Fossavatnsgangan 2022

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  • If you are registered in two events you get 50% discount of the cheaper event.
  • If you are registered in one event you can ski along your child in the Child's event on Thursday.


Information about the clothing bag

Clothing bag for Fossavatnsgangan Fossavatnsgangan is going ´green´ . We´ve decided to use a multipurpose clothing back effective from the race 2020. We´re going to reduce plastic use as much as possible so we´re not going to accept plastic disposable bags at the clothes storage.

We offer this special made backpack market with Worldloppet, Fossavatnsgangan and our main sponsors.

A lightweight multipurpose bag. Dry bag uses, skiing & tramping, cabin bag, supermarket shopping, watersports and many more. The measures are 42cm x 71cm x 16cm

The price for this bag is only ISK 10.500,- and can only be bought in preorder and delivered when you pick up you bib
No thanks, I will bring my own clothing bag.
Yes, I want to pre-order clothing bag.
Information about the backpack

Backpack for Fossavatnsgangan Fossavatnsgangan started 2017 for security reasons to make it compulsory for all participants in the 25 and 50 km races on the Saturday to use a backpack in the race. This is made to keep all participants as safe as possible, allows you to dress better if the weather turns suddenly bad.

Its compulsory to store in your bag the following, warm jacket, warm trousers, a cap and thick gloves. The total weight of the bag with those items include must be at least 1,5 kg.

The backpack must be this or compatible, you can preorder upon signing up for the race and get your bag delivered upon collecting your bib.

The price for the bag is ISK 9.500,- and can only be bought in preorder and delivered when you pick up you bib
No thanks, I will bring my own backpack.
Yes, I want to pre-order backpack